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Tango DropBox PRO

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Tango DropBox PRO includes unlimited desktop DropBoxes, secure file transfers using SSL and TLS, and the ability to export pre-configured, lockable account files that can be imported into any DropBox.

If you need to receive a large file from someone, just export your DropBox account info and send them the .dropbox file. They can now drag 'n' drop files directly to you, without being able to see any of your account information... simple!

All exported accounts files and are fully encrypted and can not be read by any applications other than Tango DropBox.

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1. Export Features

1. Select one or more accounts to export. Exported accounts are saved as a .dropbox account file and can be imported to any Tango DropBox version 3.0 or above.
2. Here you see the account info that will be exported.
3. By default all exported accounts are locked. Locked accounts will not display any account information when imported except the account nickname. Unlocked accounts will show the server address, username, port and folder path. The password is never visible.
4. Click the export button to export the selected accounts. Exported accounts are saved as a .dropbox file and are fully encrypted. The .dropbox file can be sent to anyone using DropBox 3.0 or higher. The .dropbox file can then be imported by the recipient with the pre-congfigured account information.
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2. Secure Transfer

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Tango DropBox PRO provides enhanced security while sending files over an untrusted network. An FTP server uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to secure passwords and other sensitive data during an information exchange. By default, Tango DropBox PRO is set to the most secure settings.

The FTP server supports either SSL or TLS (Transport Layer Security) protected sessions, including client authentication and automatic sign-on. Most SSL-enabled applications connect a client to separate TCP ports, one port for "unprotected" sessions and the other for secure sessions. This is called "explicit". However, secure FTP is a bit more flexible. A client can connect to a non-encrypted TCP port (usually TCP port 21) and then negotiate authentication and encryption options. A client can also choose a secure FTP port (usually TCP port 990), where connections are assumed to be SSL. This is called "implicit". The Ciphers section has the option of allowing All Ciphers (secure and unsecure) or only allowing secure ciphers.

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